Christian Research Network

The Christian Research Network is an international association of Christians who do research as a profession and are open to offering support, advice and consultation services to any person or organizations in need of research assistance.

Goals and Benefits

  Our Objectives

Membership Applicants will be assessed on their Education, Training, Knowledge, Skill and Experience  and responsibility. Due consideration will be given to those who are qualified only by practical experience. There are many people who, through no fault of their own, have not had the opportunity to gain academic qualifications during their careers. These people may also apply for membership based on their own individual merits, practical experience and position.

Membership confers the following benefits:

Membership Options

Open Christian Affiliate Research  Fellow (ARF)

Christian Affiliate Research Fellow are Christians who have not yet achieved credentials for higher membership categories or who are interested in collaborating with or in supporting  the Christian research community.

Open Christian Research Fellow (CRF)

A Christian Reserch Fellow must have completed a master's degree and be enrolled in a doctoral program at a recognized institution. Experienced professionals with relevant professional qualifications and/or appropriate experience as a research specialist may be accepted.

Open Christian Postdoctoral Researcher (Postdoc)

Candidates must have obtained a doctorate and hold a ministerial position in a recognised organiation and be enrolled in professional or senior pastoral courses or undertaking major postdoctoral research.

Open Christian Professional Consultant (CPC)

A Christian Professional Consultant should have a Ph.D. in any Christian field of study and have at least 10 years of experience in research consulting firms (with 5 years being postdoctoral endeavours) or a master's degree with 25 years of experience in a position of theologian or specialist.

Open Christian Associate Research Fellow (AsRF)

Associate Fellows are Christian corporate bodies such as international colleges, Christian research societies, or ministries interested in Christian research, who wish to become Institutional Fellow. Applicants must be assessed on their legal status and statements of faith and values.

Annual Dues

Note: We will also take membership of other professional bodies into account.

The equivalent worldwide qualifications will apply in each grade.

Application can be made to be upgraded to the next level of membership as further Knowledge, Skills and Experience  is gained.

Annual Subscription

Subscriptions are due annually on the date of election.


To apply for any membership category, email your portifolio along with your motivation letter to