Research Ethics Committee

The OCU  Research Ethics Committee is an international research  group responsible, on behalf of the University, for promoting and maintaining the highest standards of rigor and integrity in all aspects of research, including:

The Committee acts as a planning forum for the discussion and promotion of developments in research ethics, whether internally driven or externally indicated and provides strategic direction to relevant staff within the institution on all matters relating to research.

The Committee acts with the authority delegated by the OCU Academic Senate in order to consider all ethical issues that arise from research involving human participants and personal data where the members of the OCU academic community are taking part, regardless of their active or passive role.

All research approved by the Ethics Committee, must be of the highest ethics standard. No research will be sponsored without approval from the Ethics Committee.

The Committee is multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial and international in composition, with relevant scientific expertise, balanced age and gender distribution, and laypersons representing the interests and the concerns of the community. The Committee functions in accordance with specific terms of reference.

The Committee consists of members who, collectively, have the qualifications and experience to review and evaluate the science, health aspects and ethics of the proposed research.

New member and research students should apply to the international office of ethic  committee.

Accreditation of International Colleges of Research

The international colleges looking forward for accreditation of their school and research should apply to the international office of the Research Ethics Committee.

Institutional Membership

International colleges, Research companies, Research organizations seeking institutional  membership of the ethic committee should apply to the international office.